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Wagering your money or anything of value (but mostly money) on a game or an event that has a certain outcome, that is what defines gambling. An activity that has been around for millennia. The main goal of anyone who takes part in gambling is to win that money or reward if the outcomes go in their favour. Some are lucky, some, not so much. But it is all an exciting game fo chance in the end…

Three main elements make up the activity of gambling: consideration, risk and prize.

Gambling has a long history, dating back all the way to around 2300 BC! Where the earliest evidence of gambling was theorized to have originated from Ancient China. The evidence comes in the form of artifacts of what seems to be tiles that were used in a simple game of chance. Even in the ancient Chinese ‘Book of Songs’, references are made to the “drawing of wee”, implying that the tiles might have been part of an early form of lottery. Back then, lotteries were used for state and civic purposes, like funding state projects.

The earliest presence of dice can be traced back to 3000 BC in ancient Egypt where a dice was found within an Egyptian tomb. But what has been confirmed is that both the Ancient Romans and Greeks loved to gamble with their dices. Even though the activity has been outlawed in the ancient city of Rome, the gamblers worked their way around it by using chips, so that when the city guards catch them, they can just say they were not using real money, and thus this was the first ever use of gambling chips.

Cards and gambling also came to play, once more in Ancient China. Most scholars have agreed that it was around the 9th century where playing cards appeared, unfortunately the rules of the card games have been lost to history. But there are suggestions that say the cards were part of the game and the stake, like UNO, some other sources say that the cards were just paper versions of Chinese Domino.

The famous game of Blackjack as we know it, came from the good ol’ U S of A, but there are indications that the game may have appeared earlier than thought. Some instances of the game have appeared in the 1600’s, long before America became a thing. But there are even suggestions that the game appeared earlier than that, perhaps around the mid to late 1500’s. Either way, it was these variants that led up to the birth of the game Black Jack we know and love today.

We went over the games, now what about the casinos themselves? The earliest mentions of established casinos came from around the early 17th century in Italy. A place called the ‘Ridotto’ was set up in the city of Venice and it provided a controlled gambling environment. Soon enough, the concept of the casino spread throughout the rest of Europe in the 19th century and eventually to the United States.

The history of gambling finally brought itself to the United States in 1910. America has had a pretty rocky relationship to gambling ever since their European settlers arrived on it’s shores. Groups of religious Puritans banned gambling outright in their settlements. Settlers from England however, were a bit more accepting to the activity and did not really bat an eye when settlers within their group placed a bet or two every now and then. So in the end you had two groups that were either opened to or more lenient to gambling, and this relationship between America and gambling continued till 1910 when there were calls by the public to ban gambling outright. However, it was somewhat difficult to enforce a ban on gambling, like how it was difficult to enforce a ban on drinking which was also in place at the time. Like the Romans, American gamblers of this era managed to be discreet when it came to placing bets.

It was only in 1930 during the Wall Street Crash and the Great Depression that followed that gambling became legal once more as it was a way to alleviate the poverty which many Americans went through at the time. Now, Gambling has become legal in a number of American states, the most famous one being Nevada, home to the Sin City we know as Las Vegas.

When the 90s rolled in and the world was becoming more and more computerized, so was the world of Gambling. In 1994 a company by the name of Microgaming UK became the pioneers of online gambling and is one of the largest game developers for casino games. Online gambling has existed the moment the internet allowed for the activity to be set up online. Within 5 years, the value of gambling topped at over around a billion dollars and now it is a multi-billion dollar industry. The first live casinos that had dealers appeared in 2003, introduced by the company Playtech. This phase was the start of cementing the bridge between real-world and virtual casinos.

It is the greatest game of chance, ever conceived, will you hit it big or go home? Who knows, but what we do know is that it will be fun. We here at V3 Casino know exactly how to meet your gambling needs and needs of winning it big as we strive to be the best online casino Malaysia can offer! We got it all!

The world has gone digital and we have embraced it with our online casino in Malaysia. Our site has got all the games and activities you would find at your traditional casino, but without the need of ever leaving your home. Perfect For those of you gamblers who are introverts or those who do not have access to a casino venue. With V3 Casino, we got you covered.

Why Malaysia? Well, you see in our beautiful country, we have only one casino, and it sits at the top of a mountain in Genting Highlands resort, it’s a beautiful location and a beautiful casino, sure, but not everyone can make the trip up there every time they want to have a little gambling session. So with that issue in mind, we opened our online casino so Malaysians can place their bets with great convenience.

With years of experience, we know what it takes to satisfy our customers and to provide a great gambling experience.

The games? Like we said we have them all! But these days, it is not enough to simply have online slots or live betting, no, no. That is why we only offer the best quality in advanced online gambling activities, ensuring that no glitch or faulty software gets in the way of you winning it big. So gamble anywhere at any time, with V3 Casino.

At V3 Casino, we strive to make your gambling experience as best as possible, we have made it our mission, our drive forward.

We at V3 Casino also value the safety and security of our customers, which is why we have age verification to prevent underage gambling along with secure payment methods for customers to use for cashing in and depositing funds. These are what makes us a Trusted Online Casino in Malaysia.

Live Casino

Some of us gamblers here in Malaysia have dreamed of getting the full Online Casino Malaysia experience, to feel that feeling of winning it big, the anticipation. From deciding which games to play, to what your lucky number is the day, there are loads of things about casinos which makes us yearn for them. But, again, not all of us can make that trip up the hill in Genting. So we at V3 Casino have done you a favor by bringing these gambling experiences to you, all in the comfort of your own home!

Whether it is Roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack and so on, we will be able to put you at a table free of hassle. We ensure that our table layouts presented before you are clear and not cluttered, with the necessary information being displayed. Put your mind at ease when you play,as our well-trained and professional dealers will take care of all your needs.


A casino is NOTHING without their slot machines, it’s usually the first thing people think about when they hear the word casino. Just the mere sound of a slot machine going off brings about memories and visions of a fun time at a casino. At V3 Casino, we have a wide selection of themed slot machines for you that have a go on and try your luck, perhaps even make a big win on with our Online Slot Malaysia selections!

Make your gambling experience more personalized with our fine selection of themes that don our slots from cartoons, to brands and famous faces, there will surely be one that can fit your preferences.

We want our customers to take advantage of their game time with our various bonuses which we offer to any of those who sign up with us as we stove to become the best online casino in Malaysia, you can bet your bottom dollar that your experience with us will truly be a special one one to be remembered.

Sports Betting

Are you a fan of sports? A fan of football, basketball, F1, Badminton, Horse Racing and so on? Well, why not make sports watching even more exciting, with the chance of winning alongside your favorite team? And that is where Sports Betting comes into play! Do we have it here in V3 Casino, you bet we do!

If you are looking to make some wins yourself during a sports event, we at V3 Casino have got you covered. We offer some of the most popular sports around the world for our customers to view and place their bets on, if a sport has a single outcome, you will surely find it on offer for our sports betting services. Our interface is designed so that even beginners can use it. We ensure that all relevant information is laid out and clear

for our customers.

But for those of you who are well versed in the art of sports betting, you get to enjoy unlimited bets. We at V3 Casino want our clients to have the front row experience in experiencing the excitement of gambling all the way. We aim to go above and beyond the industry standards, and above and beyond our customer’s expectations. Your time here at V3 Casino will surely be one to remember.


Ah the 4D Lottery, Being an online casino in Malaysia, we are well aware of this pass time for those who feel lucky. Here at V3 Casino, we have an easy to use and clear interface for our customers to use when they participate in 4D in Malaysia. With 4D having a large base of participants, both in Malaysia and out of Malaysia, this service of ours will ensure that you can get your four numbers at any time and any day so long as you have an internet connection. Gone are the days of waiting in line to get your lottery numbers.


Building a good standing relationship with our customers is what we at V3 Casino believe in. Clients who log into our site and make use of our services are to be treated with importance and with good, exceptional service that an online casino in Malaysia can offer. We have a wide array of promotional offers for both our newcomers and current loyal customers. So do visit the Casino Promotion section to see what you can use, make your online casino experience more worthwhile! After all, getting a good promotion for your online gambling sessions is a wise thing to do, to make that spending all worth it in the end.

What will be the future of gambling? We wouldn’t know, and not knowing is the exciting part! We’re placing our bets that online gambling will remain here for a while. Who knows? Perhaps with the introduction of Virtual Reality, maybe online gambling will have actual virtual casinos we can play in with our virtual reality goggles! One thing’s for sure though, we here at V3 Casino will be there giving our customers the best in gambling technology.

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