About Us

Here at V3, we strive to be the best online casinos Malaysia has to offer. We have understood the advantages that online casinos can bring to the activity that is gambling and we strive to make full use of those advantages in order to give our customers the best experiences. We have years of casinos and gambling experience up our sleeves and we make sure that when you win, your rewards get to you properly. 


Up-To-Date Software

We put great emphasis on the software we use for our online casino.We make sure that only the most reliable of gambling software is used in the games we offer, no sneaky tricks and no faulty glitches should ever get in between you and your wins. 


Secure Payment Transfers

Being an online casino in Malaysia and having prior experience, we know that the handling of cash in casinos is not something that is taken lightly, so we ensure that the methods of transferring and receiving payouts and funds is secure and safe.


Fair Play

All random chance games such as slots and roulette are coded to be just that, random. This ensures that there will be no way to tell if a person will make a win or not, as it should be. We make sure that rules are followed and there are no odds stacked against the player. We implement the use of Random Number Generators to ensure the chances are truly random and that the games are fair. International auditors inspect these RNGs to further cement the fairness of the games.


Customer Service

Our customers are everything, we intend to delight any and all visitors who login to our casino site. We make sure that any suggestions and complaints are heard and necessary changes are made to ensure that our customers have a great time every time. 


Fraud Prevention Measures

We make sure that players only have one account. We also conduct random security checks to ensure system integrity and fairness.Players which take part in fraudulent gambling practices will have their account removed in accordance to the terms of our respective licenses and the terms and conditions of our online casino. All funds that have been received through fraud may be confiscated.


Responsible Gambling

Responsible gambling is something we at V3 online casino encourage greatly. Gambling should be fun and enjoyed, not a source of income, so please take great care when deciding to put large amounts of money into our games. We have features that might help in preventing addiction, such as the availability to set a limit on the amount that can be wagered. So that you don’t through your finances in one night. We also ensure that only persons over the age of 21 are permitted to make an account in order to prevent any cases of underage gambling. Our employees are trained and educated on how to manage cases of compulsive and excessive gambling as well so that they may help with any issues that might arise.