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Weekly live casino cash rebate

Weekly live casino cash rebate

Weekly live casino cash rebate

Weekly live casino cash rebate

Weekly live casino cash rebate

Promotions & Bonuses

Promotions are what makes a night of online gmalbing extra fun! Promotions are great as they can help newcomers settle in with ease and get the hang of online gambling. They are also great for rewarding loyal customers and here at V3, we love to reward loyal visitors to the site.

We offer a variety of bonuses for our costumes, these include:

Free Play Bonus

This is a very common bonus. These bonuses are usually prized between RM5 or RM25, we can receive this bonus the moment you sign up, but in order to deposit the money if you make a win, you will have to play a couple of games where you wager the funds first, so good luck!

Play Only Bonus

This is another common and fun type of bonus. With this one, any bonus funds are kept in a separate account and it can only be used in wagers. When you place a bet, the money will only come out of that alternative account and if you were to win, the original wager will return to the bonus balance, and the winnings go into your actual balance to your enjoyment.

Winnings are yours if you have met the requirements. These requirements typically include wagering a specific amount of cash before withdrawing.

Reload Bonus

Reload bonuses are nearly similar to Play Only Bonuses, the difference is that you can redeem these bonuses on any deposit rather than just your first one. When you have made the initial deposit, you may receive monthly if not weekly reload bonus offers!

Those are just some of the online casino bonuses we offer here at V3, users will find that there are many more on offer when they come and play on our site!

Gambling can be hard to get into, so that is why we offer some bonuses to get you comfortably settled in, and pay a few games without spending your money, so that you get the hang of it when you do.

It should be noted that here at V3 casino, we encourage gamblig responsibly, playing our games should be something that should be enjoyed, not feared. So read up on how to gamble responsibly before you log into our site.

We pump out new promotions every now and then for our lovely users so be sure to be on the lookout for some awesome bonus while you are here at V3 Casino.

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