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Sports Betting in Malaysia

Sports betting is the activity in which one places a wager on a certain outcome of a sporting event, be it horse racing, motor sport, football and so on. Horse racing may be the most popular sport that bets are placed on.

The activity of gambling in the form of sports betting has been done for centuries. Now historians have had difficulty pinpointing the exact moment in time where the concept of sports betting came to be, but what can be agreed on is that it has been here for a long, long time. If anything, it might have been there ever since the concept of sports were created! We may never know. But what we do know is that sports betting is one hell of a fun way to spend your gambling nights. Sports are unpredictable, they always leave you on the edge of your seat. Sports are a reflection of life if you think about it. Unpredictable. Are they going to score? Will they make it to the finals? Will they win? Will they lose? Many things we ask ourselves when we view sports as we eagerly await the results, why not make it more interesting? Create bigger stakes by placing bets? 

Here at V3, we allow you to do just that. So come on in and place your bets on your favorite team or player. Enjoy a victory alongside your favorite team, savor those moments. We ensure that our sports betting platform is the best in any online casino in Malaysia. Our services provide real-time and live information to our customers, along with various ways to place your bets. We also have a wide variety of sporting events you can choose to place your bets on, ensuring that you have something that interests you. 

Ever since online casinos came into play, online sports gambling has evolved greatly. It has also increased its convenience and accessibility for the common gambler and more and more people can take part in sports betting. No longer will you have to attend or pay to attend horse races just to make a bet, you can all do it from the comfort of a computer. As gambling technology improves with sports betting, we here at V3 will be sure to be up to date with the latest in technology ensuring that your experience with us will only improve.  

We ensure that our sports betting systems are reliable so that no faulty glitches can get in between you and your lucky win! 

Now we Malaysians are already big fans of sports in general, we enjoy your football games with  a passion, along with our badminton games and motor sports, so we can expect to see many of you sports fans out there coming in to place bets in our sports betting games. As a reliable online casino in  Malaysia, we aim to make sure that you get your win faint and square, if your team wins, you can share that win with them in our sports betting. 

Sports that Are Great for Betting on:


Football (or soccer), is one of the biggest sports around the entire world, and some could say that it is the most played. So of course, there will be loads of people placing bets on their teams if they win among the millions of football fans who view the live games. We guarantee that the next FIFA world cup will definitely be among the leagues in which gamblers at v3 can place bets on. To give you a perspective on how popular football is, the 2018 FIFA World Cup saw around 3.5 BILLION viewers who watched or attended the matches, that was nearly HALF of the world’s population then. So that is why Football is a great achiever in the sports betting industry.

Horse Racing:

Ah… also known as the port of kings, sports betting in horse races is a rather common thing. After all, the sport itself has been around for a long, long time. And till now, it still is a rather popular sport, not just for betting either. With large events like the Grand National or the Dubai World Cup, you can be sure to see some equine action in our online casino. Before, you needed to get place your bets either at the horse racing event or at betting centers, if there were any, when you wanted to make your bet, but ever snake the birth of the wonderful world of online gambling came into fruition, now any one can place bets on their favorite horse hoping they could win. Horse racing events occur quite often, so there will always be awesome major events somewhere in the world where you can place bets here at V3 Online Casino.

American Football:

Oh those American’s and their love for American Football, needles to say, the NFL or National Football Leagues is one of the biggest and most profitable events in the United States. We should also mention the Superbowl which is like the US version of the FIFA world cup, only it’s not soccer and that it is only in the US, but don’t let its locality fool you, the Superbowl brings about the greatest moments in sports history and in American football and is, if not the biggest event in the United States. But now, we bring this exciting event to you, you may not have an interest in it, but maybe you can give it a go!


Boxing is action packed, intense and exciting! It is also a sport many gamblers place bets on to see which one of the contestants will remain in the ring. It can be quite unpredictable, you might believe that one contestant might have the upper hand and then the next thing you know, boom they are on the ground. It adds to the excitement if you ask us. Here at V3 we have an array of boxing events from which to choose from to place bets on.


And we are not just limited to boxing. We got UFC in here as well, a very popular tournament to place bets on. MMA has all the excitement of boxing, in our opinion, maybe it is more exciting! Seeing all those fighters use their knowledge of different martial arts to overcome their opponent, not knowing what their next move is? It just leaves you at the edge of your seat! Maybe you can place bets on the all mighty Khabib, the undefeated champ of UFC, for now… Like we said, sports fighting can be unpredictable!


While this is another american sport, basketball has seen some popularity in asia, in places like Japan and China. It has even seen some popularity here in Malaysia too! That being said, you will be able to find us hosting the NBA on our sports betting platform. See those hoops get scored and your wins go up. If you are a fan of basketball, then you will enjoy what we have to offer in our online casino. So go ahead, root for your favorite team and place your bets!


Tennis? It might be surprising, but Tennis is a rather profitable sport when it comes to sports betting. In the UK alone, sports betting generates about a BILLION pounds in revenue. Which is pretty surprising! But hey if it has a single outcome, you will be able to bet on results here at V3 online casino. Watch while the ball goes back and forth between the two rackets, you are on the edge of your seat! Where is the ball going to land? Will the player I placed my bets on mess up or come out victorious? You will just have to hope for the best!


In this modern day and age, video games are no longer just a niche form of entertainment for the nerds we perceived back in the day. Video games have become a multi-billion dollar industry and competitive games are a significant part of that industry too. We have many e-sports events where players play on various competitive games like Overwatch, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Super Smash Brothers etc. Many players have become famous for their wins and have won millions. You can win too when placing bets on various e-sports events that we host on our site. Some might say that video games aren’t “A real sport”, well they can mope on their high chair for all of eternity, the fact of the matter is that video game tournaments have become just as popular, if not more popular than certain sporting events. And with that popularity comes big money, not from just prizes, but from gambling It’s a lot like watching your favorite YouTube player, only this time, the stakes are higher if they lose or win, which makes it all the more exciting…

Motor Sport:

From MotoGP, to F1 to the World Rally Championships. The world of motor sports is filled with amazingly exciting events that our customers can view in our online casino sports betting. Bet on your driver and see if they will manage to make it to first place! Watch with glee as the roaring engines thunder through the track, where competitors go bumper to bumper in the bid to get first place. Many motor sports can appeal to many people, so we have a wide variety of different types of events for you to choose from. Whether you’re into the speed and sounds of F1 or the skillful maneuvering into WRC, we will have something for you to enjoy and place your bets on, and when you strike lucky, you can celebrate with the winning drivers!

Table Tennis:

We here in Malaysia know about the popularity of Table Tennis or Ping Pong here in Asia. For such a small set up of a game, table tennis can be very intense at times, especially if both players seem to not mess up for a long time and the ball just keeps on going left and right and left and right. Real nail biting stuff. No one really knows what will happen in the next move in table tennis, so why not gamble on it, and we do! You can find an array of table tennis events streamed live on our site.

Sports as a whole are a perfect activity to bet on, there are many outcomes we can place bids on and it is all the more exciting when we view those intense moments in sports. Great thing about it is that it is rather simple! Unlike certain casino games, there is not much skill involved in sports betting, you just make some observations on which team or player might have the better chances on winning and place your bid on them, but like life, sports is unpredictable, it will either got your way or not, and that is what it is all about. Some Malaysians are huge sports fans, passionate about viewing are respective sports, taking that excitement up a notch with sports gambling can really spice things up for when the next major sports event takes place, and here at V3 we help you do just that.

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